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Experience the power of personalized investment portfolios tailored to your unique goals. Our custom-built crypto and stock portfolios are meticulously crafted and optimized to meet your financial needs.

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Minimize Risk, Maximize Returns

Unlock the full potential of your investments with Ebitday. Whether you prefer customized portfolios tailored to your unique needs or expert guidance to create the perfect investment mix, we're here to reduce risk and enhance returns in both crypto and stock portfolios. Experience financial empowerment with Ebitday's precision in portfolio optimization

Our Modules


Unleash the power of strategic investing with our Cryptocurrencies module. Tailor your cryptocurrency portfolio for maximum growth and diversification. Gain unique insights and take control of your financial destiny.


Elevate your equity investments with our cutting-edge Equities module. Tailor your portfolio for growth and diversification. But that's not all - we go further by measuring and presenting volatility in a way that empowers your decision-making like never before.


Embark on a journey of financial enlightenment with our engaging educational resources. Take control of your learning experience by setting the tone and pace for each topic.

A Brand New Day for Investing


Create your optimized portfolio from scratch. Answer a few questions and the portfolio with the ideal risk and return is produced for you. No guesswork, a portfolio in minutes.


Take the cryptocurrencies and/or stocks you are interested in or presently hold and create an optimized portfolio. Whether your desired timeframe is long or short, there's a portfolio ready for you.


Learn about different companies, cryptocurrencies, and unique ways to analyze them. Innovative metrics that are unique to Ebitday to help you gain further understanding.


Interactive learning and exploration is at the heart of Ebitday. Smarter investors make better decisions and generate excess returns. Educational platforms that are integrated into the Ebitday's portfolio solutions and multiple methods of explaining financial concepts.

Putting Academia into Practice

Explore educational resources inspired by or taken from courses at these prestigious institutions.

Choose how you want to learn financial concepts.

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Crypto Module

End the guesswork with your cryptocurrency holdings.

  • Long and Short Term Portfolio Builders
  • Optimize for Downside Risk
  • Long and Short Term Volatility Metrics
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Equities Module

Actively manage your stock portfolio with the Equities Module.

  • Periodically Re-Balance Your Portfolio
  • Exclusive Metrics with Strategic Advantages
  • Six Questions, One POWERFUL Portfolio.
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