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Whether you prefer managing your stock portfolio independently or seek assistance tailored to your needs, our tools are here to facilitate your financial aspirations.

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Optimize and Actively Manage Your Stock Portfolio

Effortlessly fine-tune your stock portfolio for maximum performance, leveraging strategic optimization techniques.

Equities Research & Analysis

Technical Charts

Explore detailed technical charts within each stock's profile, providing in-depth insights into price trends, patterns, and key indicators for informed investment decisions.

Enhance Knowledge

Learn more about each company in the searchable stock screen and the individual company profiles. Find out if you want to put the stock on your shopping list or immediately put it in your portfolio.

Exclusive Metrics

Elevate your stock investment strategy with Ebitday's exclusive market volatility metrics that provide unparalleled insights into market dynamics, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making for optimal returns.

Informative Insights

Integrating educational elements seamlessly into our Research & Analysis, Ebitday enriches your understanding of exclusive metrics. Gain valuable context and insights to make informed decisions, elevating your stock portfolio.

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Stock Portfolio Builder

Precision Tailoring

Craft a stock portfolio precisely aligned with your unique risk tolerance, ensuring a personalized investment strategy.

Aligned Priorities

Align your investment priorities with your portfolio, ensuring that your financial goals and preferences are integrated into the decision-making process.

Meet Timeframe Objectives

Tailor your investment timeframe to match your goals, whether it's short-term gains or a long-term wealth-building strategy.

Efficient and Informative

Our groundbreaking Stock Portfolio Builder not only reveals the efficiency frontier of your portfolio but also breaks down essential analytics. Our Portfolio Builder is a beacon guiding your investment strategy. This informative tool doesn't just crunch numbers; it empowers you with insights, making your investment decisions informed and strategic.

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Create Your Customized Stock Portfolio

  • Great for those rebalancing their portfolio
  • Select your desired stocks or stocks you already have
  • Run through multiple scenarios to find the mix of stocks that fits best
  • Optimized portfolios for both Short and Long Term
  • Educational resources are integrated to help you gain more understanding
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