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Unleash the power of informed crypto investments with our comprehensive module. Access cutting-edge research tools for insightful market analysis. Craft a tailor-made crypto portfolio effortlessly or opt for our expert-curated solutions. Take control, eliminate guesswork, and maximize your crypto returns with precision.

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Crypto Investing without the Hype

Experience crypto investing stripped of unnecessary noise, emotional clutter, and childish acronyms. Crypto Premium Tier membership offers bespoke portfolios tailored to your goals, backed by insightful research and analytics, ensuring a disciplined and rational approach to your crypto journey—no hype, just informed decisions.

Cryptocurrency Research & Analysis

Technical Charts

Explore detailed technical charts within each crypto token's profile, providing in-depth insights into price trends, patterns, and key indicators for informed investment decisions.

Enhance Knowledge

Unlock the essence of each crypto token with comprehensive insights, revealing its purpose, functionality, and unique features to empower your investment decisions.

Exclusive Metrics

Elevate your crypto investment strategy with Ebitday's exclusive metrics—Short Term Beta, Long Term Beta, and Futures Curve measurement—providing unparalleled insights into market dynamics, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making for optimal returns.

Informative Insights

Integrating educational elements seamlessly into our Research & Analysis, Ebitday enriches your understanding of exclusive metrics. Gain valuable context and insights to make informed decisions, elevating your crypto investment journey.

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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Builder

Treasury Management Solutions

Take control of your crypto treasury holdings. Our solutions empower business owners to thrive in the crypto era, maintaining the value of revenues in U.S. Dollar terms.

Reduce Downside Stress

Invest with peace of mind. Our Cryptocurrency Portfolio Builder empowers investors to craft portfolios specifically designed to minimize downside volatility. Say goodbye to stress associated with market downturns, providing a smoother investment experience. Whether you're new to crypto or a seasoned investor, our solution is tailored to your risk tolerance, ensuring a more serene investment journey.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrency investments with our intuitive Portfolio Builder. Tailored for both novice and experienced investors, this tool goes beyond the basics. It delves into your unique preferences, risk tolerance, and financial goals to craft a portfolio that not only maximizes returns but does so with strategic optimization. Experience the difference as your investments align seamlessly with your objectives, achieving a portfolio that's not just diversified but finely tuned for success. Take the next step towards financial optimization and start building your ideal cryptocurrency portfolio today.

Efficient and Informative

Our groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Portfolio Builder not only reveals the efficiency frontier of your portfolio but also breaks down essential analytics. From minimizing downside risk to optimizing for efficiency, our Portfolio Builder is a beacon guiding your investment strategy. This informative tool doesn't just crunch numbers; it empowers you with insights, making your investment decisions informed and strategic. Dive into efficiency with a portfolio backed by metrics that matter. Uncover the informative side of cryptocurrency investment today.

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  • Great for those rebalancing their portfolio
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  • Run through multiple scenarios to find the mix of cryptocurrencies that fits best
  • Optimized portfolios for both Short and Long Term
  • Educational resources are integrated to help you gain more understanding
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